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Five years ago I came to US from Venezuela with my husband and my two girls pursuing a better future for our girls. I started working at a cattle ranch, this has been the family business for decades, I Loved doing my job but unfortunately I was spending too much time away from my girls and I was missing important stages of their lifes. So I decided to quit after three years working as a Cowgirl and I became a Full-time Mom, but because of my personality it was very hard being home without working. I needed to find a way to be busy and find My Passion but having the time to take care of my girls and be part of their development. Read more...

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Services We Provide

Our Popular Bakery Products


Our Skills


All types of cakes for any event or celebration


All Types Of Cakes Popsicle & Cupcakes


All Types Of Royal Icing Cookies


We Bake with Love

Everything that we bake is made with love and devotion. I'm a passionate cookier/baker and every creation is made with all my heart


We do Custom Orders

If you need a Custom Order you can contact us and we can create a custom design just for you


We care about quality

We use fresh and high quality ingredients in every creation because Customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Our Baker


Laura Villegas

Laura Villegas I was born in Venezuela in a very small town on 1986 and I was raised on that beautiful country. I come from a family where the most important value is honesty and hard work, have an older

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